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Ehline Law LogoEhline Law knows that rollover accidents are one of the most dangerous occurrences on today’s roadways, often leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Victims of vehicle rollovers frequently find themselves facing life-threatening injuries involving prolonged treatment while suffering from spinal cord injuries, brain damage, head injuries, broken bones, or paralysis. When faced with these situations, an unrepresented survivor is like a babe in the woods. Ehline stands as the great equalizer.

You see, we fight for the little guy who is without an expensive team of high paid insurance defense lawyers. We stand up for those people without a voice and have established ourselves as experts in all facets of vehicular negligence law. We will steel ourselves for you, and go in fighting for you.  With millions of dollars in economic recovery for victims just like you, we make the difference. Call now and discover the Ehline difference.

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Center of Gravity has a Huge Impact

Due to the higher center of gravity, SUV’S and minivans have gained a reputation for rollover incidents. Although, SUV’S are often involved in rollover accidents, they are not the only type of vehicle that can roll over.

Other motor vehicles, buses, trucks, and vans are commonly found to be at risk for rolling over when involved in a traffic accident. Frequently accidents such as these are single car accidents that can be attributed to speed and/or road conditions as the leading cause for the rollover.

Rollover accidents have also been proven to be the result of product liability resulting from poor design or defective manufacturing. With the assistance of a highly trained personal injury attorney you may be able to collect funds from negligent parties.

If you have been injured in a Temecula or Murrieta rollover accident, now is the time to take action against those responsible for your injuries and subsequent medical expenses. Financial recompense may also be available for lost income. Serious injuries can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering, resulting in astronomical medical expenses not covered by insurance. Therefore, an attorney skilled in the litigation of rollovers is essential to procure financial coverage for your accident incurred expenses.

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