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Toxic Exposure & Poisoning

Toxic chemical exposure is not an uncommon incidence in a geolocation such as Temecula.  The roads and highways there are a daisy chain of commercial transport both to and from this heavily industrialized area. Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC has a famous tradition of fighting for the legal rights of less fortunate, and depressed people who were hurt by another person for no justifiable reason. We are different than law firm “mills”.  We care about our clients and their families. With a huge purse in recoveries and a history of supreme aggression, Ehline fights hard for anyone and everyone injured from negligence, who lacks the ability. Call us at 888.400-9721, or simply continue reading.


Many people in the Temecula workforce are exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Toxic substances pose a health hazard for anyone who is overly exposed to poisonous chemicals. Deadly toxins can enter the body by means of ingesting particles, inhaling fibers or fumes, or absorbing chemicals through the skin.

Certain Workplace Increases Chemical Exposure

Professions including construction, plumbing, and roadway workers have an increased potential for injury due to toxic exposure or poisoning. Hazardous substances also lurk in electrical facilities or nuclear plants. Exposure to these lethal materials can lead to serious illness or loss of life.

Environment can also be in Danger

Injuries or fatalities are frequently the result of leaks or explosions that allow poisonous chemicals to enter the environment. Some of these chemicals although, highly caustic can enter the environment without being noticed until an illness takes place. In some situations, damage can take months or even years to develop. Exposure can lead to cancer, disfigurement, eye damage, lung damage, organ damage, neurological injuries, and respiratory problems. In most cases, urgent medical attention is considered a necessity.

Even with adherence to the strict safety codes instituted by the state of California, unforeseen failures can still happen. Furthermore, poisonous chemicals have properties capable of affecting citizens who live within the area where a toxic spill took place.

Don’t Forget to Fight for Compensation

If you or a loved one has been harmed due to toxic exposure, you may be able to seek recourse against responsible parties. Financial compensation may be available to help to cover the expenses of medical treatment, lost income, and other miscellaneous costs.

Many workers who are injured by a toxic substance believe they are limited to whatever money and/or benefits they can collect from workers’ compensation. It is prudent to contact an attorney knowledgeable in toxic chemical litigation to discover all of your legal options and other available sources of recompense.

Speak with a Local Advocate

Speak with Michael Ehline, a personal injury attorney who has conscientiously labored to help victims of toxic chemical exposure. Call the Ehline Law office in Temecula soon to see what can be done to protect your rights to financial damages. Dial 888-400-9721, to present your claim and work toward receiving the compensation to which you are entitled.

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