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Ehline Law LogoThousands of motorcyclists are among the millions of motorists presently using the roadways of America. Your lead attorney at our firm is also a rider, and he understands exactly the same dangers that you face everyday. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcycles have become an all too common occurrence. Motorcycles offer far less protection than enclosed vehicles, ultimately leading to far more serious injuries. As a rule, motorcycles are much more susceptible to accidents than vehicles with more than two wheels on the ground.

In an accident between a motor vehicle and a motorcycle, the motorcycle rider typically sustains the most severe injuries. When negligence of another tosses you from your bike and you are hurt, or your loved one suffers a terrible death, you want to hire the best motorcycle lawyer that money can buy.  That is where we come in. Ehline Law is composed of military vets and motorcycle enthusiasts. This is the kind of law firm a rider or his/her family seeks when everything is on the line. Call us right now to learn more about our services at 951.777.2474.

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If you were recently injured in a motorcycle collision, an experienced personal injury attorney with a focus on rider’s injuries, can assist you with the complex legal steps involved in motorcycle accident insurance claims, and attacking the personal assets of the uninsured. After you have attended to all of your health needs, collected the names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses, and addressed any other details connected to your accident, it is time to contact a competent Ehline Law Firm PC.

Always Discuss the Matter Through Your Legal Counsel ONLY!

It is extremely important not to talk to anyone regarding your accident until you have discussed your case with an attorney. You may be approached by a representative of the other driver’s insurance carrier or someone acting undercover. In fact, you may be tailed, video taped, and recorded without you even knowing it, while you are out and about.  If you are filmed at the gym, and are claiming a back injury, you had better believe the defendant will fight tooth and nail to claim you are committing insurance fraud. Make sure you do not blow your case. It goes without saying, that under no circumstances should you give an insurance adjustor a signed or recorded statement without first seeking experienced legal help.

A partial list of some of the more common causes of motorcycle accidents includes:

  • Construction Hazards
  • Reckless Drivers
  • Road Debris
  • Unsafe Road Conditions

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You can feel comfortable putting your complete trust in Ehline Law of Temecula. Don’t delay, call 888-400-9721. You deserve to be represented by a highly qualified motorcycle accident lawyer, someone you can trust to focus their time and attention on gaining compensation for your decreased quality of life.


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