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Bicycle Accident

Ehline Law LogoWelcome to the Ehline Law Temecula branch bicycle accident practice page.  Attorney Michael Ehline is an avid rider, and bicycle safety advocate, involved in numerous charities and dedicated to making the California roads and safer place to traverse for kids and their families. Due to our vast knowledge of bicycle legislation, and community activism, we are at the pinnacle of expertise when it comes to biking. If you are interested in learning more about bicycle law, read on. If you were badly hurt, call us now at 1.951.777.2474 for a no hassle case review over the phone with a real bicycle lawyer.

Why Are Bikes Becoming More Popular to Ride?

Bicycling has seen a dramatic increase in popularity as Americans become more health conscious. Unfortunately along with the increase in popularity, there has been a substantial increase in the number of accidents leading to serious injury or death. Even though, bicycle accidents frequently occur at intersections or crosswalks, figures confirm as traffic becomes more congested, cycling accidents along roadways are also on the rise.

Bicycle Statistics

On an annual basis, nearly 52,000 American cyclists are injured in collisions with motor vehicles, with over 700 of these accidents resulting in fatalities. Head injuries account for a vast majority of all serious injuries and deaths from bicycle mishaps. Other than helmets, bicyclists have no real protection against injuries.

What Mainly Causes these Collisions?

Unfortunately, in too many cases, cycling accidents occur as a result of driver negligence. Collisions involving motor vehicles are generally caused by numerous factors. Irresponsible motor vehicle operators are often found guilty of falling asleep at the wheel, giving less than their full attention to the road, or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or they are simply road ragers who should be locked up.

Accident victims often find themselves unable to work, leaving no means to pay the rapid accumulation of mounting medical expenses. In addition to the limitations which have been placed upon their lifestyle, victims of another’s careless actions should not have to worry about these added expenses.

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Ehline Law has been diligently serving the citizens of Temecula and has built a documented record for significantly helping victims of catastrophic injuries. Don’t delay; call Michael Ehline to schedule an appointment for a fair evaluation of your claim and a plan to recover damages.

Look for an Expert

An experienced bicycle collision attorney can aid you in obtaining fair compensation for your accident expenses. If you have been injured or a family member has been fatally injured in Temecula, contact Michael Ehline today. Call 888-400-9721, to obtain a fair evaluation of your claim and possible compensation for your escalating financial obligations. With the help of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, negligent parties can be held responsible. Retain an attorney with considerable experience, one who will work to help you receive the settlement you deserve.

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