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Ehline Law LogoBad drug lawsuits are a more recent creature of tort law. Our law firm is at the cutting edge of these types of cases and the various revelations that are still unfolding in the world of pharmaceutical litigation. With millions upon millions of dollars recovered for all types of injury claims, we have a vast tool box to work from when representing people like you who were duped by drug companies, hospitals and doctors alike. Call now at 951.777.2474 to learn more, or continue reading.

Every year millions of Americans suffer injury or death as a result of prescription drugs gone wrong. Side effects of dangerous drugs are often discounted by large pharmaceutical companies. The consequences of using a dangerous prescription medication can be destructive or life altering. Subsequently, injuries may require considerable medical care, which can quickly lead to financial distress. Every year pharmaceutical companies hurry to obtain approval of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications.

Just because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a prescription drug or over-the-counter product does not mean it is safe for everyone. The side-effects of some pharmaceuticals can be exceedingly dangerous, while others can cause fatal birth defects, blood clots, or kidney failure.

A partial list of some of the most common pharmaceutical drugs linked to harmful health issues or recalls includes:

  • Avantia – Linked to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Accutane – Acne medication proven to lead to depression and suicidal tendencies in teenagers.
  • Ephedra – Connected with strokes, seizures, and death.
  • Paxil – Associated with causing birth defects.
  • Seldane – Linked to cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Vioxx – Found to cause heart, kidney, and liver damage. Vioxx has been recalled by the manufacturer.

Numerous other medications have been recalled or associated with creating health issues when inappropriately prescribed.

You Can be Eligible for Monetary Compensation

If you or someone you care about has suffered physically, emotionally, or mentally because of a recalled medication or dangerous drug, now is the time to seek an experienced dangerous drug attorney.

You may be eligible for monetary compensation. Insurance providers will not help you, they are not in business to look out for your best interests. Insurance companies are expected to make a profit, rather than pay out millions of dollars to victims of negligence.

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Michael Ehline has a longstanding record of vigorously representing victims of pharmaceutical carelessness. Take action; stand up to pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurance companies. Begin now by dialing 888-400-9721, for the experienced legal help you deserve.

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